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Precautions for rubbing nail polish


1. When applying nail polish, people usually apply a stroke from the middle of the root of the nail forward, and then apply a stroke along the sides of the nail. That is to say, the brush is in the center, followed by the order on both sides, and the brush is about three times on average to prevent the nail polish from falling off quickly.
2. In order to increase the durability of the nail polish, you can also brush a layer on the front of the nail, and then rub the polish on the entire nail. Or rub the oil in two batches: brush the first batch with less oil to allow the oil to dry easily. The second batch of nail polish is more. After wiping the oil, using a cotton swab to wipe off the oil stains on the skin of the fingers.
3. No matter what kind of nail polish, as long as it is applied for a long time, the nails will not breathe and easily turn yellow, so it is best to apply a layer of maintenance oil before applying the nail polish and after removing the nail polish. This transparent nail polish-like product is applied as above, and it also prevents pigmentation.
4. The principle of applying nail polish and maintenance oil is "front, middle, left and right", pay attention to leaving a gap in the white part of the lower half of the nail for the nail to breathe. You can also apply it first, and then use the remover to wipe off the lower edge. The skilled operator can directly leave the gap and then fill the nail.
5. Finally, tie a cloth strip to the tip of the dead wood stick, dip it in nail polish remover, and wipe it carefully on the outer skin and the edge of the nail to remove excess nail polish. You can also use a brightener at the end to fix the color and increase the brightness of the nail polish, showing the brilliance and charm of the jade finger.
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