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How to elect nail polish?


Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and increase the beauty of nails. It can form a friction-resistant film on the surface of the nails, which can protect and beautify the nails. How can we choose nail polish? 
1. When purchasing, take out the nail polish brush, whether it drips smoothly down the brush in the form of water droplets. If the flow is very slow, it means that the bottle of nail polish is too thick and will not be easy to wipe evenly.
2. When the brush is taken out, press the bottle mouth left and right to test the elasticity of the bristles.
3. Try to choose nail polish with slender bristles, which will be easier to apply (compare the bristles of different brands of nail polish).
4. When the brush is full of nail polish and taken out, the brush still maintains a slender shape at the end, indicating that the brush is good, and some will become very thick.

5. Check the production date.

Permeable Organic Water-based Nail Polish

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