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Water-based Nail Polish Manufacturers

Water-based nail polish is a nail polish based on water and acrylic emulsion. The texture is relatively thin and the fluidity is large, but it is easy to spread. The water-based nail polish can be washed off with water before it is dry, and it will adhere to the nail surface as a film after drying.

Compared with ordinary oily nail polish, water-based nail polish has a weaker durability. In fact, it is easy to fall off, which means that it is healthy and does not hurt the nails. The reason why chemical nail polish is strong is because it corrodes the surface layer of the nail, and the color is eroded inside the nail, so it is strong, but it is really very strong. Injury to the nails, as well as cancer-causing health threats, so it is best to use water-based nail polish.
Although water-based nail polish is easy to fall off, if you pay attention to the use of skills, you can also improve the wear resistance.
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