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How to care for your nails after using nail polish(2) ?


1. Rehabilitation period
In addition to using a special nail remover to remove the phototherapy nails, the nails also need to be polished. After such tossing, you must give the nails more time to repair, at least give the nails a week of recuperation, and at the same time use the appropriate maintenance. Consider your next manicure plan when your nails are back to a healthy state of fullness, strength, and lustre.
2. Use Nutritious Massage Cream
After the nail polish is removed, the nails are basically dull. At this time, some special care is needed to restore the nails quickly. The horny moisturizing ingredients in the nail nutrition massage cream can provide a nourishing and protective film for the nails. Remember to gently massage the nail surface with the pulp of your finger to increase the microcirculation around the nail and enhance the feeding ability of the nail bed. Of course, if you don't have a dedicated nail nourishing massage cream, hand cream is also a good alternative. Don't think that hand cream is only used to maintain the skin of the hands, its nourishing ingredients also have a good effect on improving the gloss of the nails.
3. Plant nail dye
Impatiens, also known as henna, is a plant that can dye nails. Pick the red and bright petals, add alum and pound them into mud, apply them to the nails, then wrap them with tough leaves and tie them tightly with threads to prevent the wrapping from falling off.By the next morning, gently open the package to find that the nails have magically turned red, which often lasts for many days.
4. Do not use nail polish continuously
Many girls like to wear nail polish to show their beauty. But experts warn that nail polish should not be applied continuously, and let the nails rest for at least a week. The main components of nail polish are volatile solvents, as well as a few oily solvent substances. Continuous application of nail polish will hinder the "breathing" of the nails, make the nails yellow and brittle, and easily make the surface of the nails lose their natural luster. Therefore, one should wait until the nail polish is completely peeled off and leave the nails naked for a week.
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