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How to care for your nails after using nail polish(1) ?


1. Like isolation before makeup, the first step of nail art is to apply primer to help nails isolate nail polish damage. The base oil contains horny amino acids, VE and other nourishing ingredients to help the nail bed become tougher, prevent the nails from becoming dull and broken, and improve the gloss and toughness of the nail surface after the nail polish is removed.
2. Regular disinfection of nail tools
Tweezers, scissors and other utensils used in manicure need to be regularly wiped and disinfected with alcohol cotton balls.
3. Reduce the use of quick-drying nail polish
Most people think that quick-drying nail polish is very convenient, but the volatility of quick-drying nail polish is often very strong, so the chemical composition is high. Advocating the use of environmentally friendly natural nail polish professional nail products that have passed the ingredient inspection of the national quality inspection agency, basically do not contain formaldehyde and other cheap raw materials that are harmful to the human body, are safer to use, and minimize the direct damage to the respiratory system.
4. Apply nail polish in a ventilated environment
Through volatilization all day, before going to sleep at night, the residual odor of nail polish will naturally greatly reduce the impact on the respiratory system. Choose a large space with good ventilation, so that the smell of nail polish will dissipate as soon as possible, reduce the inhalation of excessive chemical gases, and avoid discomfort symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.
5. Calcium supplement for nails

Fragile nails need intensive care, so hard nail polish is needed. Vitamin E calcium formula and protein strengthening formula can effectively accelerate the thickening of nails, form a protective film, strengthen and moisturize the nail surface, and increase the nail bed. The toughness of the nails, generally used for 1 week, you will find that the nails really become stronger.

Permeable Organic Water-based Nail Polish

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