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The difference between nail extensions and nail stickers


1. Different production methods

There are two kinds of extended nails, one is crystal nails, which are artificial nails that react and solidify on the nails through the fusion of special nail powder and nail solution. The other is the phototherapy nail, which is formed by curing the phototherapy glue through the irradiation of the ultraviolet lamp; the nail plate is to cut off the real nail, put the glue in the groove to be attached, and then thin it to a junction of the nail plate and the nail. on flat surface.

2. The retention time is different

the retention time of extended nail is generally longer than that of nail piece, and the damage is smaller.  Pay attention to the force habits of fingers in daily life, try not to use the nails for force, and use the pulp of the fingers instead of the inner fingertips. For example, when carrying heavy objects, opening the door, and peeling fruit, you should pay attention to it. Using your fingertips directly can easily cause the nails to break. Try to avoid contact with easily dyed substances and corrosive chemicals to avoid nails being dyed. Avoid excessive exposure to chemicals, try to wear gloves when doing housework, pay attention to cleaning your hands, keep your fingers dry, and avoid chemical damage to the nail polish.

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