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The usage of various manicure functional oils


Nail polish, not only can make your nails colorful, there are many strange uses. Do you know any interesting uses for nail polish?

1. softener. Softeners are generally white opaque liquids, which soften the aging dead skin around the nails, activate new cells to regenerate, and improve the rough dead skin around the nails.

2. Nutrient oil. Nutritional oil is generally a yellow liquid, and its role is to supplement the nails with vitamins and promote the production of keratin, thereby accelerating the healthy growth of nails.

3. Primer. The base oil is generally a pink liquid, which is used to isolate the nail polish, prevent color precipitation, and at the same time make the nails appear healthy and natural flesh pink.

4. Bright oil. Bright oil is generally a white transparent liquid, the main function is to brighten the nails and isolate the dust. Brightening oil is usually the last step of the treatment. If you want to wear nude makeup, you can use it directly after applying the base oil. But if you want to put on a make-up, after the base oil is slightly dry, apply a color nail polish, and finally apply a glossy oil.

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