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Best Nail Polish Tips


Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and enhance the beauty of nails. It can form a friction-resistant film on the surface of the nails to protect and beautify the nails. Follow along with the editor to see the best nail polish tips! Hope it helps you.

The best nail care tips
We all know that it is necessary to trim dead skin before applying nail polish, but sometimes it will get worse and worse. What should we do? This requires everyone to choose 'finger edge oil or nail cream with soft and moisturizing ingredients on weekdays, such as Duya's daily hand cream, which is often applied to the nail edge; secondly, it is necessary to regularly use a special exfoliating cream for the nail edge, every week Strengthen the gentle massage around the nail edge to remove the old waste Ganpi.

Nail polish should also be carefully screened
Apply nail polish before applying nail polish. This is a well-known technique for applying nail polish. Its main function is to avoid direct contact between colored nail polish and nails, but pay attention to avoid nail polish containing volatile and corrosive Ingredients, such as toluene, propanol, etc., will damage the nail surface even more. You should choose a nail polish based on pure natural oils, which can not only moisturize and protect the nail surface, but also make the subsequent nail polish color smoother and brighter. saturation

Nails should not be polished frequently
Everything has a degree. Although polishing and polishing the nails can make the nails look very shiny, if you do it frequently, the nails will become thinner and more fragile, so you should pay attention to the frequency of manicures. After one manicure, it is best to Take a week or two off to give your nails a break, too.

On weekdays, pay attention to supplement the nutrients that are beneficial to nail growth

This is also one of the techniques for applying nail polish. The main component of nails is keratin, and its health can also reflect the health of the body. To maintain healthy nails, nutrition is the most important thing. Eating foods containing high-quality protein is the most important thing. To maintain the basic conditions of healthy nails, fish meat and colloidal foods can provide more nutrients to the nails.

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