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How to dry nail polish quickly


After applying nail polish, wait for a long time before exercising, otherwise it is easy to scratch or make the originally smooth surface of the nail polish uneven. So if you are not in a hurry for a date, you can blow dry your nail polish before going out. So what is the best way to make nail polish dry quickly?
NO.1: Put the nail polish in the refrigerator for 20 minutes
In fact, instead of applying nail polish to your hands and then blow-drying, it is better to put the nail polish in the refrigerator for 20 minutes beforehand. The low temperature allows the nail polish to set quickly and dry quickly after applying it to the hands.

NO.2: Dry the nail polish with a hair dryer
After applying the nail polish, you can dry the nail polish with a hair dryer, but you cannot use hot air. Hot air will make the nail polish set more slowly. Remember to use cold air.

NO.3: Apply bright oil
After applying nail polish, you may also apply glossy polish to make the color of the nails more eye-catching and also act as a protective layer. In fact, after applying the bright oil, the nail polish can be dried faster, and then blowing it with a hair dryer is ok.

NO.4: Nail polish quick-drying agent

Finally, you can also use nail polish quick-drying agent or quick-drying spray. It is ok to spray lightly on the nails, but not too much, otherwise the nail polish will be spent.

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