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The difference between nail polish and nail polish adhesive


1. Ingredients
Nail polish ingredients: The main ingredients are 70% to 80% of volatile solvents, about 15% of nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvents, camphor, and titanium. Powders, useful pigments, etc. (The organic solvents contained are generally toxic, such as benzene, toluene, and xylene.)
Nail polish adhesive ingredients: The main ingredients are natural resins and some color substances. Under ultraviolet radiation, they are not volatile, but stable, forming a plastic-like film.

2. Function
Nail polish effect: The solvent contained in the nail polish volatilizes to form a colored film, which will change color when attached to the manicure.
The role of nail polish adhesive: After the nail polish adhesive passes through ultraviolet rays, it is not volatile, but stable, forming a plastic-like film.

3. Features
Nail polish features: Because no lighting is required, nail polish is usually sealed when stored in a transparent bottle.
Nail polish adhesive features: gloss, wear resistance, firmness are better than nail polish, the most important thing is that it has almost no volatile gas, basically boring and tasteless, requires lighting, and the time is only one or two minutes. Moreover, more diverse nail styles can be created. But the nail polish adhesive should be placed in an opaque bottle to avoid light and save it.

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