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The difference between base oil and bright oil in nail polish


The difference between base oil and bright oil

Base oil:
Primer is applied before nail polish. There are three types of primers, one that prevents nails from turning yellow, one that increases hardness, and another that is ordinary primer. The role of primer is to isolate nails from nail polish and prevent nails. Break or delaminate to prevent nails from being damaged by chemicals such as acetone, ethyl acetate, and butyl phthalate in nail polish.

Bright oil:
Polishing is generally the last step in a manicure. Applying a layer of bright oil on the nails with nail polish can effectively protect the nails, make the nail polish completely adhere, and the nail surface becomes smooth and colorful. At the same time, the bright oil is equivalent to a protective film for the nails, which can prolong the preservation time of the nail polish.

Can base oil be substituted for bright oil?
Many people said that when they applied nail polish, they found that both the base coat and the top coat were transparent colors. So, can base oil be substituted for bright oil?

Primer oil cannot be used in place of bright oil. This is because the base oil and the bright oil have different components and functions. The base oil pays more attention to the addition of some substances that can protect the nails, which is very different from the bright oil. The pigment in the nail polish is the culprit that damages the nails, making the nails yellow and easy to break, and the base oil can protect the nail surface from being directly damaged by the pigment. The role of the bright oil is to brighten the brightness of the final nails, which can increase the coverage and durability of the nail polish, so that the color of the nails is not easy to fade.

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