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Why does manicure bed get longer


After the nail is done, the nail surface is painted with nail polish, so that the nail surface also has a certain weight. After the nail bed is under pressure, it grows longer with a piece of nail growth over time.

However, under normal circumstances, the growth rate of the nail bed is related to the personal constitution, the function of the nail mother material is better, the keratin synthesis function of the nail mother material is also better, it will grow faster. And part of human nail mother material function and keratin synthesis function is relatively poor, will grow more slowly.

Nail polish is harmful to the nails. Prolonged use can lead to thinning of the nails, which can lead to a series of complications, including thinning of the calcium layer of the nails and increased spikes on the hands. Long-term use can also affect the blood and respiratory system.

Nail polish is a common cosmetic in daily life, volatile and daub. But as a result of a few unqualified nail polish composition contains acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate 2 formic acid ester, formaldehyde resin, toluene, isopropanol, pigment, flash material, the unavoidable meeting during use causes harm to human body. Therefore, prolonged use of nail polish is not recommended.
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