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How does jelly glue nail piece stick firmer?


Wipe the nails clean with an alcohol sponge, then apply jelly glue and nail plate for a few minutes without touching water.

Before operation, the hands should be clean and tidy, and the dead skin on the nails should be cleaned with professional nail products, so that the nails can be adjusted to meet the requirements more and achieve beautiful results. After finishing, use nail files and other tools to do a proper retouching and polish a portion of the nail to a moderate finish. Using alcohol white cotton paper to scrub the surface of nails can help clean and disinfect nails, and at the same time ensure the environmental hygiene of nails more quickly.

According to the shape of the nail, choose the appropriate jelly glue, gently on the top. Smooth all the jelly glue on the nails, then gently press to make the jelly glue stick to the nails and nails to meet more closely, then remove the layer of plastic film above the jelly glue gently, select the appropriate nail gently stick on the top.

One last tip, if you want to remove jelly glue, go to a nail salon. Because the jelly glue for nail art is very difficult to remove, it is too sticky. And in the case of the removal of a small stick to pry open a corner, and then the entire plate is torn off, the whole process is very violent. General nail polish remover is also unable to remove, nail polish remover only remove nail polish, it has no effect on jelly glue.
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