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How to maintain nail enhancement daily?


If you don't pay attention to maintenance after beautifying your nails, they will be easily damaged. It's a pity to spend a lot of time on beautiful nails if you accidentally touch them. It is also very important to maintain the nails after the manicure. After all, we do not want our painstaking nails to be accidentally damaged. What are the key points of the daily maintenance of nail enhancement techniques? Let's look at the following.

1. Do not open the bottle cap or open the hairpin with your fingernails after manicure. If you need to open the hairpin, use your finger, and use the bottle opener to open the bottle cap.
2. Wipe with half a fresh lemon every day for two consecutive weeks to remove stains.
3. The discoloration of nails caused by smoking or long-time use of dark three color nail polish can be treated with lemon.
4. When doing housework, please wear plastic gloves to avoid abrasion of hands and nails.
5. Nail clippers and hand cream should be prepared in the bedside table and office desk at home for easy access at any time.
6. When the nail edge is broken, please apply two layers of nail polish and remember to trim it at any time.

The above six points are the key points of daily maintenance of nail enhancement skills. If you think short nails are convenient, but on some occasions you want your nails to look longer, dry them when you pour nail polish. It seems that some nail enhancement products can make nails dry easily. Leave some space on both sides. At the same time, nail polish adopts a color similar to skin color, like dark pink or grayish brown. To avoid breakage of the nail edge, use transparent nail paint under the nail edge, and then trim it every other day. To make nail polish dry quickly, soak Congbao nail polish's fingers in cold water, or use a nail dryer.
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