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The correct use method of jelly glue?


1, the main component of jelly glue is gelatin. Jell-o glue is as transparent as jelly, except that jelly has no elasticity, whereas jell-o glue has elasticity. Jelly glue is non-toxic, tasteless and non-residual. It will not leave residue and does not hurt the surface after use. It is generally used in industrial product packaging.

2, how to use jelly glue: first of all, wash your hands, use alcohol cotton to wipe the surface of your nails, and disinfect your nails. According to the shape of the nail, choose the right size of the nail jelly glue, gently apply to the nail. Then flatten the gelatin and gently press it to make it fit the nail more tightly. Finally, gently tear off the layer of film above the jelly glue, and then choose the appropriate nail gently stick on the jelly glue.

3, the jelly glue should be kept at a certain temperature can be used, therefore, when the glue needs to add water, to add hot water with the same temperature as the glue, can not add cold water, and then heated to about 65℃, so that it can be used as a uniform glue. The ratio of glue and water should be based on the required viscosity, such as water viscosity is low and thin; Such as less water viscosity is high and thick. The temperature of glue should not be too high, the temperature is more than 95℃ or long-term glue will degrade the glue molecules and reduce the viscosity.
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