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Christmas manicure


What are you guys celebrating with Christmas (ugly Christmas sweaters, anyone? This was a thing a decade ago).

Plus, pick out an epic gift for your family and friends and see a smile on their faces, it will be a blessing.

But there is another way to welcome Christmas, which is to get a Christmas manicure with family and friends. Nail art designs come in all kinds, and keeping up with the trends, it will be more fun to spread the holiday cheer with a set of festive manicures.

Want to upgrade your Santa paws? We have developed a large number of different styles of nail art products for Christmas to meet the different needs of all nail art lovers. Mini Christmas tree nail art ornaments,glittery Christmas nail patches and snowflake gel, we've got it all.

Our Christmas manicure products are very easy to use. Whether you are an experienced manicurist or a novice manicurist with no experience, you can perfectly control our products. They are suitable for use in nail salons and home manicure DIY.

Now, whether you're looking for inspiration to take to your local nail salon or you're a DIY manicure superstar ready to cook up a storm, keep scrolling to check out some impressive Christmas designs

1. Christmas Nail art accessories

Christmas nail art accessories incorporate a variety of Christmas elements, including Christmas trees, snowmen, Christmas stockings, elk sleighs, Christmas hats, striped candies, Santa Claus, bells, and more.

2. Christmas press on nails

Christmas manicure nails not only have a Christmas theme, but we also customized the nail packaging with Christmas elements specifically for Christmas, which is more popular than ordinary packaging boxes. There are two different types of nail pads. One is the glue type, which is pasted with glue. The nail pads will last longer. The other type is the jelly glue model. If you use jelly glue for pasting, the use time will be shorter than the glue model. However, the jelly glue nail polish set will be more convenient to use. The glue version is more suitable for people with nail art experience.

3.Christmas Snow gel

Snowflake glue is not only very popular in summer, but also coincides with Christmas elements when heavy snow comes in winter and Christmas is celebrated. Snowflakes are an important element of winter Christmas. Use it with different nail polish glues to create different Christmas snowflake effects. Let the beautiful and romantic white snowflakes accompany you through this cold winter.

4. Christmas Nail Art Stickers

Christmas nail art stickers are a great way to add a festive touch. The stickers come in various designs such as snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and more. They apply easily to nails, allowing you to create intricate designs without spending hours doing freehand nail art.

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