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The role of nail nutrient oil


The role of nail nutrient oil

When we go for manicure, the manicurist usually apply a layer of nail nutrient oil on our nails, so what is the role of nail nutrient oil?

The purpose of applying nail nutrient oil is to moisturize the nail or the skin on the edge, so that nail is not dry, more moisturized, and more shiny. At the same time, it plays an isolation role to reduces the damage to the nail surface caused by chemicals such as nail polish. So how to use nail nutrient oil ? Nail nutrient oil is applied on the nail skin that has just been exfoliated to nourish and repair the nail skin.

How to use nail nutrient oil

If you do manicure frequently, your nails will inevitably become thinner. At this time, you need nail nutrition for maintenance, but how to use nail nutrition oil?

First, wash your hands and dry them. Apply the softener to the cuticle of the nail border, and wait for 1 to 3 minutes. After the cuticle softens, push up the dead skin with a dead skin pusher, and then cut off the dead skin with a dead skin scissors. Try to be careful when you are a novice, don't touch the leather, so as not to bleed.

Second, apply nutrient oil. Nutrient oil is applied on the cuticle that has just been exfoliated to nourish and repair the cuticle. After applying, massage your hands together to allow the nutrient oil to absorb better.

Third, a thin layer of nail nutrient oil is enough. If you want to apply nail polish afterwards, remember to wait until the oil is completely dry before applying nail polish, otherwise the nail polish will be unevenly applied.

Is Nail Nutrient Oil Toxic?

Is Nail Nutrient Oil Toxic? I believe that is many users want to know. Nail nutrient oil has just a repairing effect for nails, so it has no toxic effect.

Here is a health reminder for all nail lovers. Sometimes our nails actually need to be ventilated. If there is always nail polish on them, it will affect the health of the nails. It is recommended that people who manicure should wipe off the nail polish in about two weeks. Repeatedly applying nail polish and replacing it with a new one will make the nails have no time to breathe and affect the health of the nails.

Can nail nutrition oil be used as transparent nail polish?

Nail nutrition oil is also blingbling like transparent nail polish, so can nail nutrition oil replace transparent nail polish?

Although both have a translucent effect when applied, the nutrient oil will fall off as soon as it is washed with water, and the general nail polish lasts longer, so few people use nail nutrient oil instead of transparent nail polish. Of course, most varnishes are chemical, which is harmful to human health. It is better to choose water-based varnish, which is healthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, safe for human body and environment, and it doesn’t matter if you use it frequently.

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