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How to wash nail polish? 5 tips to wash nail polish easily


In addition to making up, many beautiful girls also decorate their nails. Beautiful nails can make people look more fashionable and charming. But if you want to change nail polish of other colors, it is also a troublesome thing to remove nail polish. If it is generally useless to clean with water, how can you wash nail polish? Let's take a look at these 5 methods together!

1. Use nail polish remover: nail polish can be washed with nail polish remover. Volatile organic solvents in nail polish remover can help dissolve and remove nail polish.

2. Use of makeup remover: nail polish can also be cleaned with makeup remover. Since the makeup remover contains emulsifier, the emulsifier can be mixed with nail polish to emulsify nail polish and finally achieve the effect of removing nail polish.

3. Use alcohol: nail polish can be removed with alcohol. Since nail polish is a fat soluble substance, and alcohol contains ether, alcohol can dissolve nail polish, so alcohol can help wash off nail polish.

4. Use white vinegar: white vinegar can also help wash off nail polish. Vinegar is an acidic substance and a multi-functional cleaner. Using white vinegar to wash nail polish can achieve the effect of corrosion and dissolution, which can also wash off nail polish.

5. Use of sodium bicarbonate and toothpaste: sodium bicarbonate is a very effective natural cleaner, and toothpaste has a strong cleaning ability. Apply sodium bicarbonate and toothpaste on the surface of nail polish, and scrub nail polish with cotton cloth to achieve the effect of nail polish peeling off.

In fact, there are many ways to remove nail polish, such as lemon juice, perfume, detergent, etc., but the fastest way is to use nail polish remover, which has a strong ability to remove nail polish. In addition to removing nail polish, some super glue can also be cleaned with nail polish remover. Generally, the gel washed with nail polish remover will have no trace.

Using nail polish remover to clean nail polish, you can first soak the cotton swab into the nail polish remover, let the cotton swab inhale enough nail polish remover, and then you can start to clean nail polish, starting from the small thumb, and so on.

Step: press the cotton swab on the nail surface for about 5 minutes, and then use the cotton swab to rub the fingernail back three times. When rubbing, you can apply more force to remove nail polish easily.


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