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Make the nail enhancement stronger, pay attention to these 5 points!


Students who love beauty must have had their own experience of painting their nails! Then I realized that the nail polish I applied was not as good as the nail salon and not as strong, and I no longer wanted to apply it myself. Is it so difficult to maintain one's DIY manicure? Don't lose heart, in fact, we may just have overlooked some small details. By doing these 5 points well, you will not be far from the level of a nail salon!

1. Sanding nails

Don't start painting every time you have a manicure. It is very difficult to make nail polish stick tightly on the smooth nail surface. It just looks good at the time, but it is very easy to drop. At this point, you need to use the sand bar as a small tool. After using it to polish your nails, the base glue and nails can be well combined, and the retention time will naturally be longer!

However, it is worth noting that when using a sandstrip to polish your nails, do not use too much force. Use a lighter hand to avoid excessive wear on the nails and make them thinner! In addition, sand strips can also be used to remove some stubborn nail polish glue when removing armor.

2. Wrap the edges before applying glue

The importance of edge wrapping is now understood by many friends, because often the peeling of nail polish starts from the leading edge. But the question is, are you sure you really wrapped the edges?

Many times, we finish brushing the surface of our nails before wrapping them. However, this can be challenging, as we accidentally make the front end of the nails noticeably thicker, not to mention the unattractive appearance. The key is that the nail polish light is difficult to dry and naturally falls off. So next time you apply nail polish, you can try to wrap the edge first, seal the edge of the nail gently, and then brush the glue. It will be more symmetrical and not easy to take off!

3. Don't brush too many layers of nail polish

Many people will feel that the color is not uniform when they apply nail polish once, and then continue to apply it for the second time, the third time... Finally, it becomes a super thick "big piece" of nail polish glue, which is particularly prone to wrinkling. You know, this is not like building a wall, the thicker the more solid it is!

The correct approach is to apply a maximum of 2 layers, and to wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the second layer. If you feel that the effect of applying is uneven, the problem is not that you have applied too little, but that when taking the glue, you should pay attention to scraping the back of the brush rod and brush head, leaving only a small amount of nail polish on the front side. Moreover, when applying, the brush head is at a 45 ° angle to the nail!

4. Seal and edge the diamond decoration

After doing several manicures on my own, ordinary solid colored manicures can no longer satisfy my love for beauty, and various patterns, patterns, and trinkets can be used! But after trying, you will find that things like diamond jewelry are particularly easy to fall off. After falling off, there is only a hole left on the nail, which is too ugly! So how do diamond accessories need to be glued together to make them stronger? After we stick the diamond decoration with glue, we should wrap the edges of the diamond decoration with a wash free sealing layer, which will be more secure. For larger diamond decorations, it is recommended to first seal the layer, then apply the diamond, and then wrap the edges for better results!

5. Born with thin nails, consume more vitamin B and amino acids

Some fairy nails are naturally thin and soft, and this type of nail can easily fall off when used for nail enhancement. This situation can also be remedied. Pay attention to supplementing some good nutrients for your nails, such as foods containing vitamin B and amino acids, such as green vegetables, eggs, and fish, which are good choices. If you persist in consuming them every day, your nails will become healthier and you can apply beautiful nail polish.

After reading these 5 points, it's best to learn how to do it next time. I hope every fairy can have beautiful nail styling!

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