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How to distinguish the quality of nail polish glue?


I believe most people are extremely familiar with nail polish glue, and many beauty enthusiasts and makeup experts like to apply nail polish glue. The market for nail polish glue is very good, which also leads to uneven quality of nail polish glue sold by nail polish glue merchants. If we are not very familiar with nail polish glue, we are likely to fall into a trap. Below, we will introduce several methods to distinguish the quality of nail polish adhesive.

1.  Tinct, do not be confused by the appearance of the color card. Generally, the color card is coated with a sealing layer, which has a good color contrast. When choosing nail polish adhesive, it is best to apply it yourself. After phototherapy, the color contrast without applying a sealing layer indicates that the nail polish adhesive formula uses A-grade raw materials.

2. Color, the color of nail polish glue is the main parameter we choose. Are there many colors that we need and are they popular in the market? The actual colors and color cards generally have color differences, so let's focus on the size of this color difference.

3. Thickness, the color of the color card is related to the thickness of the nail polish adhesive, and can be colored in one stroke - a thin layer of adhesive that evenly colors is a good adhesive. On the contrary, products that require a thick coating to achieve a beautiful color are worth considering.

4. Texture: The raw material of nail polish adhesive is mixed with base adhesive and color paste. If the color paste and base adhesive cannot blend well, or even have layering, it is definitely not a good adhesive.

The above is the method to distinguish the quality of nail polish glue, hoping to be helpful to everyone!

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