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What is gel polish?


What is gel polish?

Gel polish is a popular nail product in recent years. Compared with other nail polishes, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and safe.

Solid color gel polish: same as ordinary nail polish, with many color options.

Glitter gel polish: gel polish with glitter sequins

Fluorescent gel polish: it will be very seductive and bright under ultraviolet light.

Luminous gel polish: It stores light and glows at night, similar to a fluorescent stick.

Cat's eye gel polish: like a cat's eyes, it will change with the light, as charming as an opal.

Temperature-changing gel polish: As the temperature changes, the color of the gel polish will also change.

How is a gel polish manicure applied?

1. The dead skin on the edge of the nail must be cleaned;
2. Brush the balance liquid twice before applying the primer;
3. When applying primer, the amount must be small, otherwise shrinkage will occur;
4. Similarly, the amount of color glue should be small and thin, and the solid color and transparent ones should be painted several times;
5. The sealing layer should not be too much;
6. Do not use the no-clean sealant on the surface of the removable glue, because it will be easy to crack;
7. It is best not to mix nail polishes of different brands together. In addition, some brands of nail polishes also require the use of lamps of the same brand;
8. The gel cleaning solution for cleaning the seal layer should be sufficient;
9. Do not press hard when brushing nail polish, just gently brush evenly with the same angle, pressure, and radian;
10. The bottom of the nail should be painted with nail polish in an arc shape.

Common problems and reasons for the use of gel polish
Cause of warping:
1. Due to the incomplete cleaning of real nails, the oil film on the nail surface is not cleaned, the dead skin is not trimmed completely, or the nail surface is rubbed continuously after the nail polish is prepared, it is easy to cause warping.
2. Mix different brands of nail polish. When making nail polish, the editor recommends using the same brand from the base glue to the seal layer to avoid adverse consequences caused by mixing different brands, such as warping.
3. Use dry adhesive for crystal nails. In order to keep the gel polish on the nail surface for a longer time, some manicurists use the dry adhesive for crystal nails. The result is just the opposite, and the gel polish peels off faster.
Reason for stratification:
1. The sealant of the same brand product is not used;
2. There is no use of a removable seal that can be scrubbed;
3. The front edge of the nail is not in place, and the small gap left causes air to enter;
4. After the colored glue is exposed to light, scrub it with a cleaning solution, and then apply a sealing layer. There is no need to scrub after the color glue is exposed to light, and the direct coating of the sealing layer will avoid delamination;
5. The color glue layer is too thick, and the sealing layer is too thick.
Cause of discoloration:
1. If the seal coat is too thick, it is advisable to apply the seal coat once. If it is applied more than twice, the color will be cast;
2. The light time of the sealing layer is too long, and the light time of the sealing layer should not exceed 2 minutes. If the light time is too long, yellowing will appear.

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