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How to choose the color scheme for nail polish glue? These 5 color schemes must be suitable for you


Nail polish can be said to be the ancestor of nail enhancement. With its changeable colors, flexible collocation and simple operation, it is still irresistible in popularity. The popular upgraded version of nail polish in the current market is even more popular. This new creature that combines the advantages of phototherapy materials and high glossiness, is not easy to peel off, and the color of nail polish is variable, making it easy to remove. It has become a darling that nail salons of all sizes are eager to introduce.

However, despite its full advantages, our professional nail salons must also possess first-class aesthetics and matching skills in order to make nail polish more outstanding. Below, the editor will help everyone analyze: How to choose the color scheme for nail polish glue?

When choosing the color of nail polish, you need to match your skin color, the occasions you attend, the coordination with your clothes, and the fashion trend to be more outstanding and upgrade your charm.

1. Gorgeous color system: When attending formal occasions such as banquets, you should choose gold, red, purple and other nail polish with gorgeous texture to complement the clothing. In addition, you can use rhinestones, bright powder, gold and silver foil and other accessories to try to change nail makeup, match clothing, hair styles, and accessories to design nail shapes, which will be more dazzling.

2. Pink color system: flower like pink color system nail polish is most suitable for delicate women. Peach red and taro purple nail polish itself is very cute, and does not need any additional makeup changes. It is best to match the red color system when selecting colors to create an overall feeling.

3. Natural color system: light pink, light yellow gray, skin color and other simple color systems of nail polish are naturally unobtrusive, easy to match with clothing, most favored by office workers and housewives, and new women who like fresh and natural might as well try.

4. Elegant color system: Mature women should choose popular and high-quality nail polish. Light yellow and dark brown nail polish can give a soft and dignified impression. You can use the French nail polish coating method, or moderately decorate the diamond, which will have a different style. In order to give a dignified feeling, the quality of nail polish is very important. It is recommended to apply it layer by layer to show the satin like luster texture.

5. Popular colors: If your appearance is more personalized, you can choose nail polish in popular colors. Popular nail polish is more seasonal, and has a whole set of color makeup in the same color system to match. If you dare not rub it on your fingers, you can try to polish your toenails first. This year's most popular colors are mainly bright and bright colors. Ladies who walk in the forefront of fashion can choose suitable colors for modeling. Clothes are matched with black nail polish, As long as the gray and dark tones are not excessively rendered, it is completely possible to create an adult atmosphere.

The above is the suggestion for selecting the color of nail polish adhesive, and the appropriate one is the best!
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