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Why is nail polish always applied unevenly?


Is nail polish always applied unevenly? Is it because there is a problem with the nail polish glue I bought? I believe many nail salons will encounter this problem. In addition to considering product issues, the operation method may also be the cause of uneven application. Today, we will teach you about the misconceptions and correct techniques of applying nail polish adhesive.

Common errors:

1. When taking out the glue, do not scratch the brush rod and apply color directly. The consequences are obvious, as the nail polish glue will flow down the brush rod, causing you to have too much nail polish glue during the coloring process.

2. Only scrape the brush rod, not the back of the brush head. Similarly, we need to pay attention to the amount of glue taken from the brush head, as coloring usually only requires one side of the brush head, so we must also scrape the back of the brush head clean!

3. Press the brush head vigorously. Some manicurists feel that to make the nail polish glue more uniform, it is necessary to apply more force to make it better adhere to the nail surface, but this is actually not correct. Due to strong pressure on the brush head, brush marks and small bubbles may appear.

4. Lay the brush flat. Due to the fan shaped downward pressure of the brush head, if the brush is placed flat, the nail oil will accumulate in the nail Front end, resulting in uneven color thickness!

Correct approach:

1. When removing the glue, gently scrape off the nail polish glue on the brush rod using the bottle mouth. Then, scrape off the nail polish glue on the back of the brush head, leaving only a small amount of nail polish glue on the front side. From the side view, it looks like this~the brush head only has a little nail polish, and the rest is clean.

2. Turn the guest's hand over and apply nail polish to the edge of the fingertip, wrapping it around the edge.

3. The brush head is at a 45 ° angle to the nail surface, and colors are applied from one side of the nail surface to the other. Note that the technique must be gentle. When applying, you can gently rotate the guest's finger and apply it forward against the trailing edge.

4. When applying the second coat of color, the amount of glue taken should be less than the first coat.

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