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How to determine if the nail polish glue has changed


Normally, the shelf life of nail polish is usually 2-3 years, and it should not be used again after it has expired. Even though it can dry out after being baked by a nail polish lamp, the ingredients inside have actually deteriorated, and applying them to nails can be toxic to the human body. Applying nail polish was originally intended to make nails more beautiful, but spoiled nail polish can only damage nail health. When it comes to this, some people may ask, "What method is there to determine whether the nail polish adhesive has deteriorated

In fact, to determine whether the nail polish adhesive has deteriorated, we can determine whether it has expired based on its production date and shelf life. We can also identify whether it has deteriorated through these aspects:

1. Check if the nail polish glue has become sticky and lumpy
Nail oil glue is generally of a relatively moist texture, and when dipped in by the brush head, it appears as a flowing liquid. However, after spoilage, nail oil glue may become sticky, with weak fluidity, and some may even become lumps.

2. After the nail polish gel deteriorates, it will have a pungent odor
High quality nail polish generally does not have an unpleasant odor, and some may have a faint fragrance. If the nail polish deteriorates, it may emit a pungent smell like paint.

3. Uneven color application on nails
The spoiled nail polish glue applied to the fingernail shell may not be able to color, or the color may be uneven. This is because the pigment and gel of the nail polish glue have separated, losing the nail enhancement effect.
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