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What tips can you use to avoid the problem of glue shrinkage?


Have sisters who have done their own manicures ever encountered nail polish glue shrinkage problems? The reason for the problem of nail oil glue shrinkage has been shared with everyone by the editor before. So, what are some tips to avoid glue shrinkage problems? Here are two tips to share with everyone.

Tip 1: Shorten the leveling time of nail polish adhesive
Two fingers and one application, with the headlights turned and the left and right hands turned apart, not only avoids the problem of nail glue shrinkage, but also improves the application efficiency.

Tip 2: When taking the bottle glue, filter out the excess nail polish glue on the brush rod.
When taking bottled nail polish glue, it is not only necessary to control the amount of glue on the brush, but also the glue on the brush rod. After opening the bottle cap, place the brush stem against the bottle mouth and rotate the brush to remove any excess nail polish from the brush stem.

Before that, do you know any other tips to avoid nail polish glue shrinkage? Welcome to tell us!
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