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The Function and Usage of Reinforcement Adhesive


The function of nail polish glue reinforcement glue includes two aspects: increasing nail thickness, increasing color glue, and sealing glue duration. Firstly, there is an increase in nail thickness, as many people's nails are very thin and may break if the hardness is not enough. Reinforcement glue can increase the thickness and hardness to avoid this situation, followed by an increase in the duration of other adhesives.

Reinforcement adhesive should be used after polishing and applying the base adhesive. They should be used in the order of base adhesive, reinforcement adhesive, color adhesive, and sealing adhesive. Only after the nail surface is bottomed can other adhesives be used. If reinforcement adhesive is used directly without applying the base adhesive, it may cause insufficient adhesive or uneven nail surface. Therefore, it is better to use it after the base adhesive is flat and the nail surface is increased in viscosity. When performing nail enhancement, the principle of making the nail surface smooth, tidy, and beautiful should be followed to use various adhesives. There is a predetermined order, and the selection of various adhesives can also be flexibly adjusted.

Reinforcement adhesive cannot be used as a sealing layer. Because the sealing adhesive usually needs to be bright in color and needs to be easily dried, and the reinforcing adhesive has a weak luster and color, so using it as a sealing nail enhancement will not have a very shiny feeling and will not look good when made, so it cannot be used as a sealing thing.

If you want to remove the reinforcement glue, you can use nail remover oil or nail remover water to remove it, which is the same method as other glues. You can also remove the reinforcement glue while removing other glues. If not, wipe it with Fengyou essence or 75% medical alcohol, but it is recommended to use special nail remover.

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