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why choose solid builder gel?


Six advantages of builder gels

1.non-stick hand

2.nail extend


4.mixing glitter

5.apply nail powder

6.stick decoration

For more natural looking nails, builder gel is often preferred over acrylic as it can be applied quickly with a high-shine finish. Builder Gel is also great for helping clients with easily broken nails maintain their natural nail length.

When it comes to nail extensions and manicures, there are so many options these days, from glittery acrylics to stunning manicure effects, the world of nail art is constantly evolving! Therefore, mastering the basics is more important than ever.

But it's not just manicures and acrylic nails that are becoming more popular...so are natural looking nails and promoting nail care and strength! This in turn paved the way for builder gels to take the industry by storm... allowing nail technicians to add strength to their clients' natural nails, allowing them to grow and make them look flawless within 2/3 weeks.

Builder gels are used when you want to increase the length, thickness or strength of your nails. You can apply the builder gels to your natural nails for chip-free coverage, or use builder gels with the tips of your nails to create extensions or enhancements. It is much stronger than regular gel polish primers and the formula is much thicker in consistency than regular primers. builder gels have high self-leveling properties to ensure a smooth base layer.

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