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How to choose nail polish glue for novice nail enhancement


For beginners who want to do nail enhancement, how do they choose nail polish glue? You can start from the following three aspects:

1. Find out if you're cold white or warm yellow

Only by confirming your skin tone can you choose the right nail polish color.

Method: Look at the blood vessels at the wrist in the sunlight. Blue represents warm yellow skin, and purple represents cold white skin.

Choose yellow, orange, and green for warm yellow skin, avoiding blue tones; Choose blue and purple for cold white, avoiding yellow, orange, and green.

Yellow skin should choose a color with low saturation (low purity of the original color). And there are many options for cold white paper.

2. Select small cover adhesive

In recent years, major brands have started producing small sets of adhesive. This is based on the sales data of one's own brand's large set, selecting several popular representative colors, and then pairing them with auxiliary colors to form small sets of glue such as 6, 8, 12, and 15 colors. Originally designed for small nail salons, these are also suitable for personal DIY.

Cat's eyes, glitter, amber, monochrome combinations, eggshells, and other popular elements are all available, and they are very easy to operate without requiring too much skill.

3. Select major brands in the cinema line

Theater products are different from daily chemical products. Generally speaking, skincare products are divided into medical beauty, hospital line, and daily cosmetics.

Nail polish/nail polish is also divided into hospital line brand and daily chemical brand.

If you DIY at home, it is recommended to choose a cinema brand. Because of specialization, I am professional. With over ten years of experience in rubber making for cinema brands (although several brands may have been changed, the production and research and development teams are still the same), we are more mature in color sorting, color retention of ingredients, and technology. A mature nail polish adhesive brand has hundreds of colors in a large set, and the sorting is very detailed.
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