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2023 New Trend Bulk Sale No Dust Liquid Magic Mirror Powder


According to the trend of the nail art industry in 2023 and the sales data and popularity of major platforms, liquid magic mirror powder will become a trendy product in the nail industry in the future, and there are several reasons why it can surpass and replace traditional magic mirror powder.

First, from the packaging point of view, the liquid magic mirror powder is packaged in a sealed package similar to lip gloss, and it also has its own brush. The magic mirror powder is packaged in a round box similar to loose powder. The former packaging is more portable than the latter packaging. The built-in brush head can expand its scope of use. For example, it can be used as eye shadow and other places that need sparkling sequins when attending a party. However, there is no self-contained brush on the magic mirror powder package, so it is not convenient to use when going out , Even if you bring your own brush, there is no place for the used brush to prevent it from staining other places. Therefore, it is superior to traditional magic mirror powder both in appearance and in use.

Second, from the point of view of the use effect, since the liquid magic mirror powder is in a liquid state, it is more convenient to use and can reduce unnecessary waste. During use, the liquid magic mirror powder is more viscous when you take it out, so take as much as you need. However, due to the powdery shape of the magic mirror powder, it is impossible to accurately take out the appropriate amount, which will lead to inevitable waste. Liquid magic mirror powder is also easier to operate.

The last and most prominent advantage is that no matter how powerful the production factory is, there is no way to completely improve the problem of traditional magic mirror powder flying powder. For a long time, the problem of flying magic mirror powder has been bothering producers and users. People are eager to solve this problem. The appearance of liquid magic mirror powder seems to let everyone see the dawn. Once this product is promoted and launched, it is extremely short Time to be sought after and loved by all. It is precisely because of this that liquid magic mirror powder is deeply loved by consumers and nail workers.

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