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Other wonderful uses of nail polish! How many do you know?


Women like their nails to become shiny and shiny. Without nail polish, they will feel ashamed of running naked. In fact, the use of nail polish is far more than that! How many of the following alternative uses of nail polish do you know?

1. Change the color of the monotonous hairpin. Nail polish can be used to beautify the monotonous hairpin, and any color you like can be matched as you like!

2. Dress up your keys with exclusive colors. Paint your keys with nail polish, easy to distinguish, distinctive, fashionable and playful!

3. Paint with nail polish. Use nail polish to paint your favorite patterns on the phone case or glass, and DIY will create your own uniqueness. In addition, when the first layer of color in the drawing is completely dry, it can be modified by covering the second layer of color~

4. Add color to the toe of the shoe. Pointed shoes often lose color on the toe during walking. It's a pity that your dress is flawed after you throw it away. At this time, your nail polish of the same color appears in front of you like a savior, filling in the matter of coloring for minutes.

5. Protection label. Don't want water droplets to damage your label! Gently brush a layer of nail polish on the label, and it will be waterproof immediately! Especially suitable for use beside potted plants or on keys.

6. Prevent discoloration of jewelry. The jewelry you like is easy to oxidize or has slight defects caused by long-term wear. Apply a light layer of nail polish on the part of the jewelry you just bought close to our skin to prevent these problems.

7. Protect the shoe head. The shoelace tip is prone to wear and tear, making it too ugly to burn or tie a knot. Twist the toe cap a few times, and then fix it with a lot of nail polish. To avoid heartache, you'd better use the nail polish that has been put in the cold!

8. Prevent perfume from running off. Perfume bottle can easily lose its flavor if it is not screwed tightly. Dip a little nail polish on the bottle mouth and hang the bottle cap tightly after drying to prevent perfume from losing its flavor.

9. Prevent the umbrella from rusting. The joint of umbrella bone or bracket is easy to rust, which makes it difficult to open the umbrella. Apply a layer of nail polish on the joint of umbrella bone bracket to prevent rust.

10. Clear nail polish to repair scratches. Wood furniture and wood floor are easy to leave scratches after collision. Apply transparent nail polish on the scratches to cover the scratches.

11. Prevent metal allergies. If you are allergic to jewelry and accessories, apply a layer of nail polish on the flesh of these jewelry and accessories to isolate the metal from the skin. In addition to preventing allergies, this also prevents metal rust, and even if the jewelry fades, it will not contaminate the skin.

After learning these small skills, who can say that women who love to buy cosmetics are the losers.
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