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Tips for removing nail polish glue


Lovely manicures can always evoke our girlish hearts, but cleaning them up can be too troublesome. What are some tips for cleaning up nail polish glue? The editor will answer for you.

1. When it comes to nail polish gel, the first thing we think of must be nail polish remover. In fact, simple nail polish removers actually have little effect

2. Because nail polish naturally forms a protective film when it comes into contact with air after application, it is difficult to easily wipe it off at this time

3. The first thing we need to do is destroy the protective film formed by the nail polish adhesive. You can use a tape to remove the surface seal first

4. After completing this step, using nail polish remover is much faster. Of course, if the nail polish glue you use is very strong, you can also wrap your finger with a non-woven fabric like we used to dye our nails with henna when we were young. It takes a little longer and can be easily removed

5. After removal, there may still be a small amount of residue on the nail. At this time, use a filigree or nail polish remover to clean it for a second time, and it is complete

6. For newly washed nails, it is recommended not to do manicures immediately, which can also cause significant harm to the nails. If it is troublesome to operate on your own, it is recommended to go to a manicure shop, of course, if you can resist secondary consumption
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