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Do you know the seven types of nail polish glue?


Nail polish packaging is similar to traditional nail polish. It is a kind of removable nail polish product that requires lighting and can be directly colored on the nail. However, due to the fact that methyl methacrylate can solidify under light, the exterior of methyl methacrylate bottles must be painted to prevent light transmission. Currently, there are as many as 10 types of nail polish adhesives, each with a variety of colors. Do you know the characteristics and use methods of each? Next, let's introduce some common ones.

Solid color adhesives (solid color adhesives), commonly referred to as nail polish adhesives, QQ adhesives, Barbie adhesives, and Koudan adhesives, are the main products used in nail salons when making solid color nails.

The principle of luminous glue is to absorb and store ultraviolet rays during the day, and then emit various colors of light at night. The more light it absorbs, the brighter it glows, and the light it emits is like a firefly. It is suitable for girls who like nightclubs and exaggerated styles. The use method is the same as that of ordinary nail polish adhesive, requiring a matching special primer and seal layer.

Colored paint glue has a high color saturation and can be applied in one stroke. It is suitable for matching with colored paint pens and paint trays to draw flower painting patterns. It can be used as a substitute for colored paint, or as a single color nail polish glue. It can be used as a base and seal for general nail polish glue.

Cat's Eye Glue has a thin and bright reflective light band on its surface that can vary with the intensity of light. The light band is called "Cat's Eye Flash" or "Cat's Eye Live Light.". It is necessary to apply a moderate thickness of cat's eye nail polish glue on the base glue. Use a special cat's eye magnet rod to place it on the surface of the nail polish, close to but not in contact (like operating Phantom nail polish). The effect will appear immediately after 1.5 seconds, and then immediately shine a light therapy lamp for 3 minutes to finalize the shape. Cat's Eye Magnets come in different styles and can be made into different shapes of light bands, requiring special backing and sealing.

Temperature change glue (gradient glue): The color of nail polish glue will change in depth as the temperature changes. Due to the different temperatures before and after the nails, the gradient effect can also be directly seen for MM with long nails. The operation method is exactly the same as that of pure color nail polish glue, and a matching special primer and seal layer are required.

The sequin glue (pearlescent glue), which contains large sequins or small glitter powder of different colors, can provide a shiny effect. It is used in the same way as the pure color nail polish glue, and requires a matching special primer and seal.

Sugar glue, which has colored particles as small as sugar inside, has a strong three-dimensional sense, and most colors are fresh and sweet. It is particularly suitable for making some Japanese style or cute style styles. The operation method is exactly the same as that of pure color nail polish glue, and requires a matching special primer and seal.
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