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The operation process of nail polish glue is a must for nail enhancement control!


Just operate like smearing nail polish, and then shine in the light therapy lamp for about 2 minutes (different light therapy lamp will have different time). It can be applied in a single color, can be gradient designed, can be sketched, can change colors, and so on; The high-quality nail polish glue has more durability and is not easy to fall off.

Operation process:

1. Trim the shape of the nail and gently polish the nail surface to increase the adhesion (the front edge of the nail must be neat, and the uneven front edge of the nail may cause the UV nail polish to fall off too quickly)
2. For surface treatment, use UV nail polish glue special nail surface cleaning solution to remove dust and grease on the nail surface.
3. Apply a thin layer of bonding agent. The front edge of the nail should be applied to it, but not to the skin.
4. Apply special primer, and remember to wrap it.
5. UV lamp irradiation for 2 minutes (the primer is a product that can not be dried, and it is not necessary to wipe the quick-drying water. After irradiation, the next step can be directly carried out)
6. Apply the first layer of color nail polish glue. Apply evenly, not too thick, and pay attention to the shape of the finger edge. Remember to wrap the edges. Light up for 2 minutes (apply gently to avoid the formation of granular bubbles. If bubbles occur, gently brush down with a brush)
7. Apply the second layer of color nail polish glue. After the first layer is dried, the next layer should be thin and even, and remember to wrap the edges. It is completed after the lamp is fully dried for 2 minutes. (If the nail polish adhesive itself has a certain brightness, the final layer of sealant shall be applied for brightening to protect the durability)
8. The sealing lamp can be used for about 3 minutes.
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