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How can I dry the nail polish without lighting?


A girl who loves beauty must be familiar with nail polish. Unlike nail polish, nail polish normally requires lighting to keep it from falling off for a long time. In addition to lighting, how can nail polish dry quickly?

1. The sun shines. After applying nail polish glue, put the nail in a place where the sun can shine, and the ultraviolet light will cure the nail slightly, which will be much slower than direct lighting.

2. The ultraviolet flashlight shines dry. After applying the nail polish glue, use the ultraviolet flashlight to illuminate the nail position, which can make the nail polish glue dry and solidify quickly. Because many nail enhancement lamps use the ultraviolet lamp tube, so use the ultraviolet flashlight can also dry the nail.

3. Use bake-free primer. When making manicures, use some non-baking primer to dry without baking lamp. Ordinary incandescent lamps can be used for curing, but the light is not as concentrated as that of professional baking lamps, so the lighting time will naturally be much longer. Because the nail polish glue contains components that can be cured by light, the nail polish glue will dry quickly when used to make the nail have hardness and luster. This is the fastest and most direct way to dry the nail polish quickly. If you use it at home, you can buy a light therapy lamp that is small and easy to carry, with small power and long lighting time, but convenient to carry. The quality of the primer also plays a very important role in the application of nail polish, so it is best to choose a high-quality primer to make the nail surface more flat and smooth, and the damage to the nail is relatively small, which can be used frequently.
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