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What's the difference between nail polish and nail polish? What are the advantages?


Nail oil glue is one of the phototherapy manicures. It is a kind of resin, that is, plastic. There are also differences between the operation mode and the manicure. Nail glue oil needs a bonding agent. It needs a color nail glue oil and a sealer. And every time you apply a layer, you should shine it under the ultraviolet baking lamp. After hardening, you can apply the next layer. The hardness and gloss are much better than ordinary nail polish, and the retention time is also very long. However, it also has disadvantages, which can cause great damage to natural nails.

Nail polish is also called nail varnish, which is similar to paint. It can be directly applied to nails. It is very colorful and can play a role in beautifying. In terms of function, nail polish and nail glue oil have the same function, with the main difference in composition.

Advantages of nail polish glue:

1. Non-toxic and colorless
Nail polish is colorless and non-toxic. It is generally used to make nail polish. It is also very convenient to apply.

2. Fast drying speed
Nail polish made of nail polish glue is applied to nails. It can dry very quickly. It is better to dry quickly. Generally, as a manicurist, you need to do it one step at a time before proceeding to the next step, otherwise it will be easy to spend.

3. Long retention time
Nail polish made from nail glue oil is applied on the nail plate, and the retention time will be longer.

4. High security
The main raw material of nail polish is resin, and its safety is higher than that of nail polish.
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