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How can Water-based nail polish be smoother/longer lasting?


How can Water-based nail polish be smoother/longer lasting?

First, clean your nails.

Whether you're using regular nail polish or water-based eco-friendly nail polish, always clean your nails before applying them. If you are in a nail salon, the manicurists will remove dead skin, polish, etc., in order to clean up your nails, but also in order to better polish or paint your nails. Our own nail polish can't be as tedious as the nail salon, but the most basic, with hand sanitizer, soap cleaning nails is a must to do the first work, clean nails are more conducive to nail polish adhesion. In fact, the most convenient is to use nail polish remover cleaning, easy to remove the grease and dirt on the surface of the nails.

Then, it's time to paint your nails.

Many people suffer from uneven paint. When applying nail polish, try to use the least number of times to paint all nails, otherwise repeated application will easily become uneven and affect the shine. If you feel that a layer does not have an obvious effect, you can dry and then coat a layer, the effect is out, the general light color coated three layers, dark color coated two layers is enough. If you apply a layer of polish after you have painted your nails, you will not only make the nails smoother and crystal bright, but you will definitely make the nail polish last longer.

What to watch out for: Don't soak your water-based nail polish in hot water for too long immediately after you apply it, or it will come off easily, preferably after 4 hours, when the polish is fully attached to your nails.

Many people who are used to using ordinary nail polish usually do not understand the efficacy and use method of water-based nail polish. This is because there are great differences between natural water-based nail polish and ordinary nail polish in raw materials, preparation methods and characteristics. Therefore, when you use water-based nail polish, you must abandon the traditional use experience, so that it is easy to accept healthy water-based nail polish.

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