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What are the precautions for applying nail polish glue?


Nail polish packaging is similar to the traditional nail polish, which is directly operated with its own brush. However, due to the relationship between methyl methacrylate and light curing, the outside of methyl methacrylate bottles must be painted to prevent light transmission. The following are the precautions about applying nail polish glue that the editor brings to you. Welcome to read.

Precautions for applying nail polish glue:

1. Start from the little finger of the left hand and end at the little finger of the right hand, so it is not easy to scratch the fingernails and avoid trouble!

2. The nail surface coated with nail polish should not be too smooth. Too wide is not conducive to the adhesion of nail polish adhesive with the nail surface.

3. Do not blow with your mouth, and make sure to wrap the edges when applying nail polish.

4. Each nail polish should be painted with two colors, which will make the nail polish on the nail more pure and full. Each stroke is long and uniform. The smoother the operation, the more uniform the nail polish coating.

5. Others

(1) Normal nail painting method: first in the middle and then on both sides.
(2) Painting method of skewed nails: pay attention to correct the width of the nail, and the width of the middle section of the nail shall prevail.
(3) Painting method for longer nails: first paint the first half of the nail, then the whole nail, first the middle, then the two sides.
(4) The painting method of fan-shaped nails: the same as the longer nails, pay attention to the front and back, and visually produce a consistent and elongated feeling.
(5) Painting method of wider nails: a 1mm wide narrow gap flows from the left and right sides to produce a slender visual effect and make up for the wide nails Defects.
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