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What's the difference between nail polish and nail polish?


Many people will be curious about the difference between "nail polish" and "nail polish"? But it is true. Although their names are similar, there are differences between them. The specific differences are as follows:

1. Nail polish has the same function as nail polish, but its composition is different. Nail oil glue is a kind of phototherapy glue, which is an epoxy resin, similar to plastic. Nail polish is a kind of paint that can be rubbed on the nail at the same time, and the nail color is beautiful, with beautification effect.

2. The composition of nail polish is different from that of nail polish glue. nail polish will oxidize and turn yellow in the air, and the pigment will also precipitate in the nail, which usually needs to be removed after 3-4 days. Nail polish is an epoxy resin with no toxicity. It needs to be irradiated by a professional nail polish lamp before it can solidify quickly. It can last for 20 to 30 days. If the nail polish lamp is not illuminated, the nail polish oil is hard to dry.

3. The actual operation methods of nail polish and nail polish are also different. The nail polish must use primer, then apply nail polish and sealer. Each layer must be hardened under ultraviolet light before the next layer can be applied. The hardness and gloss are much better than ordinary nail polish, and the maintenance time is also long.

4. It is true that nail polish oil can solve the problem that nail polish is very easy to drop, but nail polish oil is also very difficult to remove. This requires professional nail polish products. The general nail polish remover does not work for nail polish oil, or it needs to be removed as a nail polish bag.
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