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What is the cause of nail polish wrinkling


I believe that many beauty beauties should have used nail polish. When you use nail polish, have you ever encountered such a situation, nail polish wrinkling? What do you think is the cause of this situation? In this regard, Xiao Bian believes that it may be caused by the following three conditions.

1. Pull out the handle during the headlamp
During the lighting time, for some reasons, taking out your hand outside the light therapy lamp will also cause wrinkles, especially if you are full of curiosity, people should pay attention to it!

2. The nail polish glue is too thick
In this case, the nail polish glue on the surface can only be dried, while the bottom glue is not completely dry, so only a thin layer of nail polish glue should be applied when applying it, for fear that the fairies with false colors can paint many times!

3. Lamp tube aging
If the light therapy lamp is used too long, its function will gradually weaken. The insufficient power of the light therapy lamp will lead to wrinkling. It is recommended to check the light therapy lamp regularly to avoid the occurrence of this situation.
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