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How to use these nail tools and nail polish to make your own nails.


1. Polish the smooth nail surface with teenitor nail polish gel remover tool to matte with a filing strip to remove the oil on the nail surface, so that the bottom oil and nail varnish will last longer.

2. Wipe the grease and dust off the nail surface with gelish nail surface cleanser.


3. Apply a layer of base glue on the nail, wrap the edge (also apply the edge of the nail), and put it into the nail machine and shine the light for 60 seconds.

4. Apply gel polish, and put it into the nail art machine to shine the light for 60 seconds; Repeat this process 2-3 times until the nail color is saturated and uniform.


5. Apply a layer of sealing nail polish, put it into the nail machine and shine the light for 60 seconds, then it can be finished.

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