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Why does nail polish gel deteriorate?


Nail polish is one of the expressions of girls' love for beauty, but many people will encounter deterioration problems when using nail polish. Why? Let's follow Xiao Bian to understand.

Reasons for deterioration of methyl methacrylate

1. The sealing of the bottle cap itself is not good.
2. When many people are doing manicure, the bottle mouth is always open, and the bottle cap is not closed until the manicure is finished. The nail polish glue will soon deteriorate after being exposed to the air for a long time.
3. In the process of use, if the nail polish glue on the bottle mouth is not cleaned in time, the nail polish glue will become hard and the bottle cap cannot be completely sealed.
4. If you do not clean up the residue of methyl methacrylate that falls into the bottle mouth in time, particles and lumps will be produced when you use it again.
5. Mix different colors of nail polish caps.
6. Contact with ultraviolet light for a long time will lead to the thickening of nail polish glue, such as fluorescent lamp, sunlight, phototherapy machine, etc.
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