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How to choose nail polish?


Nail polish is a kind of cosmetics used to modify and increase the beauty of nails. After nail polish is applied, a layer of friction resistant film can be formed on the surface of nails, thus forming a layer of friction resistant film. It can protect and beautify nails. There are many colors of nail polish, you can choose according to your own style and preference, or you can apply gradient nail polish to make the color more rich and layered. However, it should be noted that the frequency of brushing nail polish should not be too high, because long-term nail polish is still very harmful. Next, let's see how to buy nail polish together with Xiao Bian!

How to buy nail polish:

1. Look at the production date: nail polish must be used within the effective time, otherwise it is easy to volatilize and dry. At this time, no matter the color effect or uniformity will be greatly reduced. Therefore, I suggest you buy products with a relatively recent production date.

2. Look at Brush Wei: Take out the brush of nail polish, press the bottle mouth to test the elasticity of the brush hand. In addition, depending on the shape of the bristles, try to choose products with thinner hands, so that it is easier to brush evenly.

3. Look at the packaging: when purchasing nail polish, you should also pay attention to whether its packaging is clean, free of leakage, and whether there is quality inspection certificate. In order to avoid buying unqualified products, which will damage your health after use.

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