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10 kinds of nail care knowledge that must be known during nail care


Nowadays, more and more people like nail care. Nail care has become an indispensable part of the makeup process for MM. How can you bear to let your nails go bald? Whether it's the nail enhancement pictures and steps in magazines and websites, people always want to try it on their own. In fact, the nail enhancement steps are not complicated at all. A gorgeous nail enhancement is just like an accessory, which can enhance your overall look! Are you one of them? You should know that there are many unknown nail enhancement secrets in the nail salon course, which can make your nails look beautiful and healthy. It's better to learn the unique secrets of the nail salon with a small editor, so that you can DIY at home to produce professional nail salon like effects.

1. Beware of the nail edge?
The most important thing is to adhere to the application of nutritional oil. As for the trim, it is better to give it to the manicurist, which is the most worthy part of investment. In fact, in Japan, Europe and the United States, polishing machines are used to complete the selection of shaping and polishing, so you can use delicate sanding sticks to remove excess nail edges or blemishes. It is more economical to visit the manicurist once a month to ask her to fix the nail edges.

2. Is cultivating the edge knowledge?
One is to perfect the shape of the nail, the other is to make the edge smooth. The key is to choose the product. The sand bar can be divided into thickness and thickness. If it is to repair the mold, you can choose a 180 unit thick sand bar. If there is no such reference index, you can feel it with your hands. Although it is too rough, it will still make the edge not smooth.

3. Square or round?
Before, because of the popularity of French nail enhancement, the square and round nails almost occupied all fingertips. This year, major magazines and fashion shows began to support oval nails, which will make your hands look slender. However, you are still fascinated by the elegance of French nails. You'd better keep the square and round nails. The oval nails are really ugly.

4. Select length?
In fact, shorter nails are popular in recent two years. It is simple and healthy. Too long nails will make people feel sluggish. However, this is different from person to person. For example, if some people have short fingers, they should use longer nails to create a slender shape. The hands with large joints should avoid long nails, which may look too obtrusive.

5. Pruning should also be careful?
In the face of so many nail clippers, be sure to choose the right size. If it is too small, it needs to be cut many times, which may make the edge uneven and may cause nail cracking. Too large nail clippers can be cut off with a knife, but they may cut the edges, so they are not recommended. The size of nails can be cut off twice.

6. Go to light and stay healthy?
Cotton flakes are more efficient than cotton balls, and can penetrate nail polish remover into nail polish. Choose nail polish remover without acetone. If you don't know the ingredients, you can choose nail polish remover that doesn't have too much "banana water" taste in comparison; In addition, if there is white powdery residue on the nail surface after use, it also indicates that this nail wash water contains a lot of acetone, which is very harmful to the nail.

7. Bottom oil protective layer?
It seems to be the isolation cream before makeup. The base oil not only prevents the nail oil from peeling off prematurely due to the natural oil, but also prevents the colored nail oil from causing color precipitation, which directly threatens the health of the nail. And even without nail polish, it can also be applied with oil to strengthen the toughness of nails. Many brands of primer contain nutritious ingredients.

8. Lacquer or pearl?
In fact, this is a very personal choice, but for Asians, most people are willing to choose the varnished one, but it is true that because of the skin color, the pearlescent looks a little old fashioned easily. The key is to see the feeling on the hands. Generally speaking, the paint finish is really easy to look fashionable, especially for the brown color in autumn and winter. The paint finish is more elegant.

9. Deeper, deeper?
Many people prefer transparent nail polish, which can be said to be a safe color. But for autumn and winter colors, you can be bold and try warm brown or red colors such as wine red or chocolate. The skin color of the East also matches these fashionable colors. In addition to being fashionable, you can also obtain more white hands unexpectedly.

10. Must be polished?
Frequent polishing will make nails thin and fragile, so it is not a necessary step for nail enhancement. In addition, the current nail polish has the function of smoothing the nail surface, so you can also rely on nail polish instead of polishing sanding stick. Of course, some surfaces are particularly uneven. You can still consider polishing them slightly with fine sand strips. Remember to use the other side of plastic foam for further polishing.
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