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The right way to purchase nail enhancement tools


If you want to create a beautiful nail, a complete set of nail tools is indispensable. With the emergence of beauty trend and the rapid development of the nail industry, there are more and more nail tools, which are used for nail enhancement, including nail polish series, crystal series, jewelry series, color painting series and nail care pens. Know all the necessities of nail care and learn how to use nail care tools correctly.

1. Base oil and bright oil:
Before applying nail polish and nail polish glue, first apply a layer of primer to protect the nails with isolation and prevent pigment precipitation. After nail polish is applied, apply a layer of gloss oil, which will help to make the color more beautiful and prevent the color from falling off.

2. Water drill and bright powder:
The painter pointed out that rhinestones and bright pink are extremely popular painting elements. On the outer layer of transparent rhinestones, you can use colorful rhinestones and bright powder to match, which is a very good choice for nail enhancement. If your hands are not dexterous enough, don't worry. Just use a pointed pair of tweezers to stick the drill to the nail plate. Or, you can paste the colored diamond directly on the market, which is convenient and practical; For those with dexterous hands, you can also consider adding a few electroplating beads around the diamond, so that the effect can more easily show the unique color painting.

3. Wire penetration:
With thin tape, it is convenient to stick out the range of lines, so as to draw straight lines.

4. Ball point pen:
This is a tool for sketching lines. It can be used to draw dots.

5. Pointing drill pen:
This is a special tool for sticking water drill. Its front end is sticky. This design is conducive to sticking water drill and avoiding fog on the surface of the drill.

6. Painted stickers:
This is suitable for beginners. Painted stickers and transfer stickers or tattoo stickers use the same principle. First, cut it into the same size and shape as your nails, or the shape you want. Then soak these stickers in water and stick them on your fingertips to create beautiful nail painting effects.

7. Nail remover:
MM should not only know how to use different nails to paint beautiful nails, but also know how to remove them without hurting nails. At this time, it is necessary to select a good bottle of water to remove light. You can first apply two layers of nail polish evenly on the nail plate, then use cotton on the sequins on the fingertip brush, dip an appropriate amount of polish remover and press the nail for 30 seconds to remove it. Be careful to observe the residue of nail polish on the nail at any time.

In addition, how to choose the brush hair of nail polish? When shopping, you should take out the nail polish brush to check whether the nail polish flowing down the brush is smooth and drops like water. If its fluidity is very slow, it means that this bottle of nail polish is too thick to buy, because it may cause uneven wiping. When taking out the brush, press it on the left and right of the bottle mouth to facilitate the detection of the elasticity of the brush hair. Pay attention to the fact that the brush hair cannot be split. It is recommended to choose the style with soft texture and slender bristles, which is conducive to uniform painting. It is a warm reminder that when shopping, you should pay attention to the selection of the brush that will maintain a slender shape when the brush is covered with nail polish.
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