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Do you understand the correct steps of nail enhancement?


Do you know the correct steps of nail modification?

The first is to remove the old nail polish. Use cotton dipped with nail polish remover, and rub it from the bottom of the nail to the tip several times for thorough removal. Then use a manicure tool to trim the shape of your nails. After finishing, immerse your hands in soapy water to make the skin soft. Then carefully wipe your fingers and finger seams with a towel. If necessary, use cuticle scissors and small tweezers to remove the internal thorns and uneven dead skin at the root of the nail.

When applying nail polish, prime your nails first. In addition to applying grease or cream around and at the root of the nail, you should also apply a protective layer on the nail. Before applying nail polish, shake the nail polish to make the color in the bottle as harmonious as possible.

Nail enhancement is also called nail beauty. It has rich cultural and artistic connotation. According to the shape and quality of human hands and nails, it uses professional nail care tools, equipment and materials, and follows scientific technical operating procedures to clean, care, maintain, trim, beautify design and deal with various problem nails.
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