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How to use the nail enhancement patch?


How to use nail enhancement patch? Before using the nail enhancement patch, first correct the nail shape and polish the nail surface with a nail polish.

Wash your hands with clean water, wipe your hands and then use alcohol cotton to clean and disinfect your nails. Take out the nail plate, apply a proper amount of special glue on the back, and then stick it on the corresponding nail. After 60 to 120 seconds of lighting, stick all the nail plates in the same way.

Note that the nail plate shall be gently pressed against the inner finger edge of the nail, and then the nail plate shall be gently pressed against the surface of the real nail to squeeze out the air between the gaps.

How long can I use the nail enhancement tablets?

In fact, the validity period of the nail sticker is not fixed, which depends on personal maintenance. If you don't need to do some daily work that touches or damages the nail surface, it will last a little longer. Moreover, it also depends on the material of the nail plate. Generally, the nail plate with better material can last for a long time.

In addition, the nail plate can be reused. The specific number of times it can be reused depends on the material of the nail plate. The nail plate with good quality can even be used more than ten times, while the nail plate with poor quality can only be used one to three times.

How to unload nail enhancement tablets?

First, cut the nail piece short, soak the nail in the nail remover, or wet the nail remover with a degreased cotton piece and cover the nail surface with tin foil, wait 20 to 30 minutes, after the nail piece is softened, gently push the nail piece away with a small tool. After unloading, wash and apply nail polish to replenish nutrition for fragile nails.

Before removing nails, apply Vaseline or finger oil around nails to reduce dryness and damage of skin.

The use of nail enhancement patches will more or less cause damage to the nails and the surrounding skin, so nail patches should not be applied too frequently. It is recommended to do it once a month or two to give the nails a remission period for self repair. In addition, it is better not to use the nail plate for too long. You can consider removing it after using it for about a month.
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