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Basic knowledge of nail polish


Oil or glue?

As long as it is nail polish, you don't need a light, the light is nail polish.

Water-based and oil-based nail polishes: Water-based nail polishes are generally tasteless, can be pulled off, and have poor durability. They may be byebye after a bath.

Oily nail polishes all have a smell, and it depends on how much you accept. So far, I have not seen oily nail polishes that have no smell. It can't be peeled off, and the durability is better than water-based, but it will easily fall off if there is no base oil and top oil.

Great taste doesn't mean bad! Not carcinogenic! As long as you buy a regular product, it won't hurt you!

Base coat and top coat: The base coat is used as a primer before the nail polish, which can make the nail surface smoother to a certain extent, and the subsequent nail polish will be better and more durable. Primer also has the function of preventing nails from being stained by nail polish.

The top coat is used as a sealer in the final step to brighten and smooth the nail polish and increase its durability. Common varnishes and frosted top coats.
nail polish texture

I think the thinner the nail polish, the more suitable it is for beginners. It is not a big mistake to apply a thin layer at a time and wait until it is dry before applying the next layer. Nail polish will become viscous after a long time. At this time, add a few drops of diluent and shake it gently from side to side to thin it. It is recommended to add drop by drop and pay attention to the status at any time. Shake wildly and a lot of bubbles will appear, baa! However, this method is limited to oily nail polishes, and water-based ones cannot be added.

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