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The dangers of nail polish


Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and enhance the beauty of nails. It can form a friction-resistant film on the surface of the nails, which can protect and beautify the nails. But despite it, as a chemical product, nail polish will also cause certain harm to the human body, so what kind of harm will nail polish cause?
1. Damages the nails, making the color of the nails yellow and dull
Nail polish has a variety of beautiful colors because of the addition of a large number of pigments, including various mineral pigments, synthetic pigments, etc. These pigments slowly attach to the nails, causing them to become duller and duller. The darker the nail polish, the more obvious the phenomenon of pigmentation.
2. Dry, inflamed, and barbed finger edges
Incomplete disinfection of manicure tools will indirectly cause fungal infection between the nails. On the other hand, the chemical solvent in nail polish will stimulate the skin around the nails and harden the cutin of the skin on the edge of the fingernails. When exposed to minor damage during the manicure process, it is easy to cause Inflammation, dryness or barbs, and even lead to paronychia in severe cases.
3. Nail polish smells toxins that make people dizzy
Some nail polish adds a lot of acetone and ethyl acetate. These two components are very volatile and produce a dizzying and irritating odor, which have strong stimuli to nervous system.
4. Brittle nails, break in layers, and slow growth
Continuous application of nail polish will hinder the "normal breathing" of the nails and destroy the keratinocytes of the nails. Because of the hypoxia caused by poor breathing and the chronic corrosion of the nail polish, the nails will become thinner and thinner,and it is easy to break.
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