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The main different types of nail polish


1. Bright nail polish: that is, general nail polish. (also called lacquer)
2. Transparent nail polish: It will reflect the luster with the light, and it has a transparent feeling like jelly.
3. Pearlescent nail polish: Under specific light, it presents a light pearlescent effect. (also called matt)
4. Glare nail polish: Different colors will be produced under different brilliance.
5. Matte Nail Polish: Matte texture like frosted glass.
6. Glitter Nail Polish: Add sequins or glitter to your nail polish.
7. Velvet nail polish: apply a layer of velvet before the nail polish is dry to make the hands white, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off.
8. Cracked nail polish: apply it when the base color is applied, it will crack after drying
9. Fluorescent Nail Polish: Nails will shine in dark places after applying
10. Caviar Nail Polish: Like velvet nail polish, it is sprinkled on the nails when it dries quickly, and it has a three-dimensional effect

11. Temperature-changing nail polish: It changes color according to the increase and decrease of human body temperature. Generally, the color is dark when the temperature is high and the color is light when the temperature is low.

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