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Can nail oil bring on the plane?


The answer is not.

1. Nail polish is a flammable and explosive item, which can not be carried with you. Its composition contains a lot of chemicals, with potential risks of flammable and explosive. This depends on the situation.

2. Adding artificial pigments to nail polish, volatile solvents, nitrifying cellulose, oil, acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, formaldehyde and other components are the main substances that constitute nail polish. These ingredients are toxic and cause harm to the human body. Some ingredients have potential risks of burning and explosion, and if they are not careful, it is easy to cause disasters.

3. Passengers taking domestic flights can carry a small amount of cosmetics for their own use of travel. Each cosmetics is limited to one piece. The container volume must not exceed 100 ml, and it should be placed in an independent bag to receive a bottle opening check.

4. During a plane, mascara, hairstyle spray, nail polish, hairstyle gel, lip gloss, shampoo, perfume, gel deodorant, hand cream, toothpaste, hand -cleaner, mouthwash and other beauty products will be counted as liquid Essence Bottle packaging needs to be less than or equal to 100ml, and those who exceed 100ml can only be checked.

5. Passengers can carry a living knife with no more than 4 cm in length. Living knives such as fruit knives, scissors, and men's razors must be placed in the consignment luggage, or the airport security inspection department is temporarily stored.

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